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Weatherization of your home can permanently reduce your energy bills by making homes more energy efficient as well as improving air quality. As a non-profit organization we can often team clients up with government assisted funds that are used to improve energy performance using the latest advancements in technology as well as the latest testing and analysis.

The Department of Energy reports that the average home receiving qualified weatherization services will reduce their annual energy costs by $437 [1].

There are many things in your home which can lead to energy loss and higher bills. Among them are:

  • Cracks, gaps, and holes around doors, windows, foundations, electrical fixtures and wires, pipes, air ducts, and attics.
  • Improper venthilation, dryer vents
  • Old or inadequate roofing, flashing, siding and building wrap.
  • Inadequate insulation in walls, floors, ceilings, as well as uninsulated water heaters, pipes, ducts, and foundations
  • Worn or no storm doors and storm windows, non-sealing doors
  • Wet basments, failed sump pumps, leaky or improper gutters and downspouts, seeping ground water.
  • Drafty windows

Contact us today to find out if you may qualify for programs that will test and address these and other causes of your high energy costs.


1. http://www1.eere.energy.gov/wip/wap.html

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